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Dave Albarn - Chanteur Foo Fighters - Photo Francois Ozan
Biz - Sébastien Frechette - Chanteur Loco Locass - Photo Francois Ozan





Autoportrait - Photographe Francois Ozan


Forever passionate about images and their techniques, it's the world of video that first attracted me. Next to graduating from Shooting and Operating, i left to discover Canada.

After exploring and living here for a year, it charmed me with its beauty to stay.

I chose to undertake studies in photography in Quebec City to extend my skills and diversify myself to offer more around the imaging and technology arts.

Live performances like sports, concerts and event are what attracted me to this field, wether in video or photography arts. Capturing a "moment" by immortalizing it, to transmit a message or an emotion, is what fascinates me.

Revealing the ultimate "moment" in people's eyes and observing their emotions when reading my work, is the reward of my passion.

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Phare de Pointe-au-Père - Musée Empress of Ireland - Architecture - Photo Francois Ozan

“To photograph is to put the head, the eye and the heart on the same line of sight. "

- Henri Cartier-Bresson


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Musée de la civilisation - Photo Francois Ozan
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